Top 10 Enterprise Security Consulting/Services Companies in APAC - 2018

LSA Consultants: Making Enterprises Resilient

Max Goh, Co-founder and MD, LSA ConsultantsMax Goh, Co-founder and MD
“Events that were once considered ‘black swans,’ high impact, but low probability events, now seem to occur more frequently than before” according to Max Goh, the co-founder and MD of LSA Consultants. He mentions, “This is not necessarily because disruptions are happening more often, but because in a globally interconnected business environment, isolated disruptions that occur in a different corner of the world that would normally remain isolated before… now have far-reaching consequences globally.” Investment in ISO resilience standards adoption have traditionally been viewed as a cost and at best cost avoidance. We should put on a different lens, and see investing in ISO resilience standards adoption as means to achieving collateral benefits and revenue recovery. Through a value-add approach underpinned by a common international risk management language, LSA can help organizations achieve compliance to ISO resilience standards relating to Information Security (ISO/IEC 27001), Multi-tiered Cloud Computing Security (MTCS SS584), Business Continuity (ISO22301), Supply Chain Security (ISO 28000), and Anti-bribery (ISO 37001).

As one of the leaders in enterprise resilience standards consultancy and training, LSA helps large corporations and SMEs across diverse industries to benchmark their processes to ISO resilience standards. This provides their clients with the assurance that they can effectively deal with all disruptions that challenge normal business operations. LSA undertakes a risk-based approach to investigate its clients’ initial vulnerabilities and thereafter prioritize the implementation of control measures.
“All companies whether they are SMEs or MNCs have a limited budget to take care of their business disruptions. The risk-based approach as part of resilience standards allows them to optimize their limited budget to best tackle the most threatening disruption risks as a priority,” says Max.

LSA delivers an end-to-end service to guide its clients through their projects until they reach a compliant stage and are awarded certification by an external certifying body. LSA provides clients with a flexible and effective way to meet enterprise resilience goals. With an unsurpassed track record, all of LSA clients thus far have achieved their certification on their first attempt.

With a reputation for developing and implementing customized enterprise resilience approach, LSA has always strived to deliver process-driven solutions based on well-accepted international standards and benchmark methodology. Their services are specifically designed to add value to the client’s core business and operations by building resilience against disruptions or threats. LSA assists clients in safeguarding the key resilience areas of information security, business continuity, anti-bribery compliance and supply chain security as part of a customized disruption mitigation strategy. What really differentiates LSA is its extensive enterprise resilience and security specialist knowledge. For the past decade, the company has been one of the leading Asia Pacific consultants with vast knowledge of processes, priorities, threats, risks, and key documentation across the resilience spectrum to aid its clients in preparing for compliance and certification.

Moving forward, the company aims to build on its modular approach and develop gap analysis, training, and consultancy, which will ultimately allow clients to choose the approach that best suits their business resources and priorities. “It is clear that for businesses to survive in such demanding times, they will have to focus on bolstering their competitiveness, sustainability, and resilience. LSA Consultants will be at the forefront of facilitating the implementation of such resilience standards,” concludes Max.