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Terence Siau, CEO & Co-Founder , TindoTerence Siau, CEO & Co-Founder
As innovative data breaches keep increasing, avant-garde cybersecurity solutions have become a necessity across industries. The alarming situation has also trigged companies to safeguard their IT infrastructure to protect businesses from cyber crimes. As the threat and impact of cyber attacks keep burgeoning, regulatory bodies are increasingly analyzing the market scenario to improve compliance standards and pre-empt data violation. Amidst these, regulations can have their drawbacks as they can cause temporary shutdowns or even slow down the business operations. To help companies in this continually changing cyber threat landscape, Singapore-based firm Tindo offers comprehensive IT security solutions and services to assist its clients in planning and building cybersecurity robust infrastructure.

Tindo offers a myriad of products and services, which enable organizations to create a comprehensive infrastructure for managing digital risk, security configuration, and building MFA authentication.

“We customize our products according to our clients’ needs to underpin them in mitigating malware activities,” says Terence Siau, CEO and Co-Founder. Citing an example, Siau mentions that if any company requires a dashboard, the firm tailors the dashboard according to the specific demands of its customer. The firm also helps its clients to integrate their product with as many connectors as possible. “If we provide a product that integrates with 20 connectors but the client wants to integrate with 50 connectors, we help them in achieving that,” states Siau.

To get a granular understanding of client’s requirements, the firm does an in-depth analysis of the existing challenges of the clients.
“We research along with our CTO and team to have a deep understanding of our clients’ challenges,” adds Siau. The firm also conducts surveys to comprehend the market pain points and elucidates the crucial points of the survey to product vendors and distributors. This enables them to add new features to the product when compared with the market of Europe and the US. “We research for a minimum of six months before working on the product,” extols Siau.

During its journey of five years, the firm has played an essential role in addressing the needs of many clients from disparate industries to government agencies. Powered by a competent team of consultants, the firm enables its clients to build a robust IT security infrastructure for eradicating the fraudulent activities. “Through deploying the best practices, we aim to serve our customers with market-proven products continually,” quips Siau. To put this into perspective, he gives the example of one of his clients where Tindo helped them to reinvigorate their disaster recovery environment. In one instance, a Japan-based multinational banking and financial services company while using security solutions of a leading information security company were unsatisfied by the services offered by their supplier. In this mix, the banking institution invited Tindo to submit a proposal for their expansion work in cybersecurity (setting up a Disaster Recovery environment), with the existing solution in place. The main objective of the project was to implement existing security solutions in banking institutions’ UAT and DMZ environments. Riding on Tindo’s experience in delivering market-proven cybersecurity solutions and services, the project team designed customized plug-ins for the product to work seamlessly in the sophisticated and complex IT infrastructure of the bank. The project completion ahead of its scheduled timeline was attributed to the team’s expertise and effort.

The successful execution now sees Tindo on track to initiate its overseas expansion in Asia. Tindo is evaluating prospects of joint ventures and recruitment of local staff and partners to diversify its territory in Southeast Asia. Along with plans of expanding its horizon to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam, the firm also aims to build a training center in the APAC region. Siau concludes, “Through adhering to our company’s philosophy, which says, becoming your trusted privilege partner—we will continue developing cutting-edge products to invigorate the cybersecurity space constantly.”
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Terence Siau, CEO & Co-Founder and Barney Chan, CTO & Co-Founder

Tindo is a System Integrator in ASEAN, specializing in providing cyber security solutions and services. Founded in 2013 by two industry veterans, Tindo has since successfully delivered numerous projects in commercial and Singapore Government organizations, with Singapore’s major local banks as part of our satisfied customer base. Tindo values both internal and external customers and strive to be a Trusted Privileged Partner. Security technologies from McAfee use a unique, predictive capability that is powered by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, which enables home users and businesses to stay one step ahead of the next wave of fileless attacks, viruses, malware, and other online threats